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Transforming Your SUV: How Can You Make It into A Camper?

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Home life is not for everyone. There are lots of people, even couples, who want to live a life of adventure, going from one place to another and being at one with nature.

It’s not that unusual, especially in a beautiful place like Arizona. There are lots to see, so you’ll want to be on the road as much as you can.

Since it has become quite a popular lifestyle, many have found easier ways to move around a lot. For one, you can turn an old SUV into a camper if you don’t have enough budget to buy an RV.

With that, here are a few tips from those before you have transformed their SUV into a camper. These are simple steps and won’t likely require professional help. Therefore, it’s perfect for your next DIY project.

What SUVs Are Perfect for The Project?

While most SUVs can be modified, there are a few SUV models that are more than perfect for the project. These vehicles have lots of space that you can transform into your mini bedroom. Plus, there’s enough space for your camping needs and gears.

Some of the best SUVs to turn into a camper includes:

  • Honda CR-V
  • Nissan Rogue
  • Honda Element
  • Ford Explorer/Expedition

If you don’t have an SUV yet, you can find used SUV in Phoenix, Arizona dealers where you can most likely get these models for much cheaper. This might be your best bet than buying an RV camper.

Here are the steps you need to follow to create the perfect camper.

Remove the Back Seats

Unless the back seats can be folded completely, you’ll want to remove them. This gives you enough space to put a mattress where you’ll sleep at night. Also, there will be additional space underneath for your gears and equipment.

You can check online on specific steps to remove your back seats based on your car’s model. However, it’s not entirely a complicated job. You just need the right tool to remove the bolts.

Create a Plan

There are several SUV camper ideas online that you can take inspiration from. The most important thing is that your design suits your needs and your wants. You might also want to consider your carpentry skills since you’ll need to create a platform bed.

You’ll also want something lighter, so it doesn’t affect your car’s mileage.

Gather the Tools and Start Working

camping in the car

Once you have an idea you want to follow, start measuring, gathering your tools, and work. If you have friends who you can ask for help, the better. More people will make work easier.

A platform bed is the best idea for an SUV camper. It provides more storage space underneath the bed.

You’ll want to try a thick enough mattress that is comfortable, but also thin enough to fold when needed and is lightweight.

Maximize Your Privacy

Once everything is built, buy window covers for your car, and you’re done. The covers are essential for your privacy, especially at night, when you’re finally relaxing.

Transforming an old SUV is, by far, the cheapest solution. Although it may not be as comfortable and as private as your own home, it gives you the mobility to live a life of endless adventures.

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