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Home Renovation, Remodel, and Restoration: What’s the Difference?


If you decide your home could use a tune-up but aren’t sure if you should restore, remodel, or renovate, it’s best to know the differences between them because different types of projects require specific skill sets for the best results. Before hiring a building company to work on your home, see which type of home improvement work is best for you.

To help you complete your upcoming house project with ease, here are the differences between a home restoration, renovation, and remodeling.

Home Restoration

Conducting a restoration project means you’re returning a house to its original condition or identity following its original design and materials.

There are two types of restoration, and these include:

  • Disaster Restoration — This type of home restoration is an effort to bring a house back to its prime condition before getting hit by natural disasters such as floods or fire.
  • Historic Restoration — This type of restoration aims to bring the house back to its original construction.

No matter what type of restoration you choose, these projects usually involve fixing or replacing old fixtures with replicas, removing old carpets, repairing holes in the walls, or refurbishing wooden floors.

Home restoration uses fewer resources and less energy, making it the most cost-effective house project you can do as long as your home has a solid foundation and only needs minimal repairs. If you want to bring back your home’s former glory, restoration is a perfect choice.

Home Renovation


A house renovation is a process of renewing a home by making changes to what’s already present or adding new elements. It mostly focuses on appearance as it involves design work but doesn’t change your house’s layout or size.

Homeowners usually decide to have a renovation in conjunction with a restoration. For instance, if you want to restore your bathroom but want to make it look modern, you add a shower component to your bathtub. Other standard renovation projects include fixing structural defects, adding new windows, wiring, or roofing.

Renovations tend to be cheaper than remodeling a home and depending on your project, it may cost less than a restoration. If you’re happy with your home’s layout and size but want a fresh and upgraded ambiance, a home renovation project is the right one for you.

Home Remodel

House remodeling involves changing your entire home or a room. It’s a more involved process than a house restoration or renovation because it requires making changes to your home’s structure. It changes the way your house looks, feels, and functions. The most common remodeling projects include:

  • Expanding a portion of your home
  • Adding a new plumbing system
  • Adding new heating and cooling ducts
  • Raising the ceilings inside the living room
  • Adding new walls for new boundaries

Home remodeling is the most expensive out of all the three projects and requires the most equipment and time to finish. It’s a lot of work, so only consider this if you think your house is missing an essential component to function correctly, such as a new bathroom or kitchen.

Although there are similarities between a home remodel, restoration, and renovation, each has a distinctive identity. Depending on your vision, only one of the three will apply, so think carefully and see which one is right for your project to save you money, time, and be one step closer to your dream home.

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