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Which Employee Benefits Are the Most Important?

Employee benefits are an important part of any job, but how important is each benefit for an employee? The attached video discusses various employee benefits, as well as what benefits employees value most.

Flexible hours are one of the most important benefits. Some jobs may not be able to be too flexible with their hours, but if possible, it’s a major selling point for potential employees.

Remote work is also an attractive benefit for many jobs, especially now. Obviously, not all jobs can do this, such as if confidentiality or the use of specialized equipment is required.

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However, because more people report increased happiness compared to on-site workers, it’s worth considering if it can be done.

A lack of vacation time may help the company in the short term, but in the long term, it’s only going to lead to burnout and turnover. By giving vacation time, especially paid time, you tell employees they are more than just workers.

All too often, an employee becomes a parent and is stuck choosing between working or raising their child. Paid parental leave helps let them know they have every right to focus on things outside of work.

The best way to stay competitive is to tell prospective and current employees that they matter as more than just employees. If you want to pull that off, good pay and benefits are the way to go.


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