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What Made Homeowners Reevaluate Their Home During the Pandemic?

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Shelter-in-place orders made people spend more time at home than outdoors. When one stays in a single place for an unusually extended period, it becomes easier to find the flaws present in the venue. In this case, homeowners are finding things in their homes that usually go unnoticed but are now ruining their mood. The fact that many are facing financial hardships only adds to a homeowner’s stress. The following summarizes the usual reasons homeowners reevaluate their homes and what can be done to address such an issue.

The Lack of Space

Many homeowners, especially those who have one to two bedrooms, regret not having more living space. Some millennials bought smaller houses for sustainability purposes and budget restrictions. On the other hand, some Baby Boomers downsized their homes to make it easier for them to move around, reduce homeowner’s responsibilities, and afford retirement.

Homeowners who have children are now having a hard time making what available living space they have to work. This is since most kids study online, which means they get to stay at home 24/7. With all the family members present most hours of the day, it can be hard to keep the house clean while keeping the kids busy.

Others find it hard to keep things organized. When one lacks storage space, tools, equipment, and materials can clutter around the house or yard. This can pose a safety risk, especially if you leave these lying around, and you live with small children.

With a little bit of creativity, you can come up with easy solutions to solve your living space dilemma. For instance, your main concern is the lack of storage space. You can opt for storage buildings like a shed to keep all your gardening tools and equipment out of our yard.

If your kids are now studying, it becomes a must that you give them enough space to allow them to focus on their online learning. You can consider investing in bunk beds wherein their beds are at the top, and their learning station stays at the bottom. This way, you get to maximize their room’s vertical living space without taking their comfort and convenience for granted.

If you still have space in your yard, why not go for a deck and patio? This will give your family more reasons to stay outdoors, bask in the sunlight, and enjoy nature. You can encourage your kids to play in the yard while you watch them burn their extra energy from your patio.

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The Lack of Privacy

Everyone can use a bit of privacy every once in a while. But when your home is small, your kids are bored, and they got nothing better to do, you can easily lose whatever little privacy you used to enjoy when things were still normal. Since you can’t go out as often as you like, you’re stuck craving some peace at your house.

If you have curious neighbors watching you like a hawk, it can make you feel awkward even if you’re staying in your own backyard. The lack of privacy becomes a bigger issue if you recently transitioned to remote work or if you are now 100% working from home. Such a situation will also make it hard for you to enjoy me-time, which is essential to your mental health.

Add more privacy to your yard by installing a property fence to keep nosy neighbors out. You can opt to build a balcony and add a privacy screen on the railings to give it more coverage. You can also transform one of your spare rooms into a home gym or entertainment room that you can use when everyone is busy.

Home Maintenance and Repairs

The more hours you stay in your home, the more realize how bad you’ve been slacking on your home maintenance and repair duties. You will start seeing the problems your home now has. This can be a pest infestation issue, HVAC inefficiency, a leaky faucet, structural damage, etc.

Poor home upkeep can lead to more damages and a higher maintenance and repair bill. Now that you finally noticed home issues, it would be best to deal with these asap to stop the issue from growing bigger. But what if you lack the funds?

You have the option to DIY the project or look for other financing options so you can pay professional home services. You can use your home maintenance and repair fund, your credit card, or tap on your home equity. One can also consider borrowing from family or friends, although you can end up getting rejected since they too may be facing pandemic-related financial issues.

The pandemic made homeowners realize the things their house lacks and needs. Most of the common issues are lack of privacy, space, and the existence of home maintenance and repairs. Before you even think about improving your home, it is a must that you start with the necessary repairs to make sure your family is safe, and you get to keep your home in tip-top shape for more years to come.

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