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What Jackbox Party Game You Should Play to Fit Your Mood

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Remote gaming sessions are all the rage as people stay at home and practice social distancing. From trivia nights to online Dungeons and Dragons, everyone is trying out different games to fill in the time and take a break from reality.

Telecommunications company Verizon shared that gaming was up by 75% in the first week of mass self-isolation, with sales from related industries exceeding $1.6 billion in the United States alone. Supplies for the Nintendo Switch, a popular console for families and casual gamers, can’t keep up with the demand, especially with the timely release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

While online multiplayer video games have long bridged the physical distance between players, not everyone has the existing hardware nor technological aptitude to get into the field. For people who prefer simpler party games where the learning curve is not that steep, they can try the Jackbox Party Games. All you need is one person to share their screen showing the game, and everyone can join using their mobile phones as the controller. No extra set-up or long-winded explanations needed.

You can choose from Jackbox party packs, which boast a wide variety of games to cater to the preferences of different friend groups. If you’re at a loss on what to play, maybe you can get your feelings to guide the way.

Competitive: Trivia Murder Party 2

Ever dreamed about being subjected to the whims of a serial killer in an abandoned hotel? No? How about escaping as the sole survivor while your friends’ game avatars are swept in the darkness due to your superior trivia knowledge? The Trivia Murder Party 2 combines the elements of a trivia quiz show and a horror escape movie for that extra adrenaline rush. If you get a question wrong, your character can avoid being killed by winning the minigames. But your safest bet is through brushing up on trivia like knowing the famous attractions in Salt Lake City or best weather for home humidifiers.

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Flirty: Monster Seeking Monster

It’s no secret that boredom can lead people to get in touch with their past loves or potential suitors. Why not channel that flirty energy and save yourself the heartache by playing this monster version of Tinder? Players join the game with a random nickname for anonymity and try to “match” with one another by sending messages in secret. Everyone has a goal to accomplish and an ideal scenario to fulfill to be declared the king or queen of dropping sweet pick-up lines.

Artistic: Drawful 2

Art therapy, through painting, illustrating, or doing simple crafts, is beneficial to one’s mental health. These activities provide an emotional and stress relief that can help in managing negative emotions. Drawful 2 provides the space for players, both gifted and challenged, to doodle their way to laughter and thoughts of is-this-what-I-think-it-is. Each person is given an out-of-this-world prompt that they have to draw while the rest needs to guess what it is by choosing from a list of answers. Other players can also get additional points by fooling everyone into voting for their take on the drawing.

It will be a while before the world goes back to normal, given the extent of the pandemic. All people can do is cope and adjust to the changes as best as they can. For wayward feelings and keeping a human connection alive, there’s always Jackbox Party Games for the next game night.

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