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Ways to Protect Your Yard This Winter

House during winter

Most of us prepare our homes in time for the winter season. We make sure that the Christmas tree is already decorated and that the other Christmas decors have already been hung in their intended locations. At the same time, you should be done buying Christmas presents and now planning for your holiday menus.

While most of us homeowners tend to pay attention to making our homes feel like the holidays, a lot of us forget our yard areas. For one thing, we should not take our yards for granted, especially winter is just around the corner. You can either do the job by yourself or hire commercial landscaping personnel in McComb.

Tending your yard this winter season

Most people tend to pay attention to their yards during spring or summer seasons. However, it is actually during wintertime when your yard needs the most amount of care. Tending to your garden before winter arrives can ensure better yard health and growth come springtime. Here are some things to remember when managing your yard this winter season:

1. Know the right time to mow the lawn.

No matter what season you schedule your lawn mowing, it is important not to mow your grass too short. This can cause weak growth, the formation of fungus, and even balding on some parts of your lawn area. Landscaping experts say that lawn grasses should be around 1.5 inches in warm areas and 0.75 inches in cold locations.

2. Choose the right fertilizer.

Experts recommend using organic fertilizer with no phosphate content. You can add fertilizer around summer or just before winter arrives. You can also gather up some dried up leaves

3. Turn off your water sprinkler (it depends on your location).

If you live in a colder area, you might want to turn off the water sprinkler or irrigation system. This helps in preventing the water from freezing and potentially damaging your irrigation system. On the other hand, you can reduce the watering instead if you live in a warm area. Also, make sure there are no sources of stagnant water around where mosquitoes can thrive and potentially cause diseases. Check the plant pot, birdbath, and other containers where mosquitoes and its eggs can thrive.

4. Do not touch the snow.

Lawn during winter

Expect that heavy snow will cover your entire lawn. While some homeowners tend to plow the snow out from the driveway and yard. However, experts suggest otherwise. Snow can protect your garden as it can serve as insulation against the cold winter air.

The holiday winter season is not only about preparing yourself to cozy up indoors, decorating your Christmas tree, and such. You should also take care of your yard, especially during wintertime. How you take care of it will make or break your lawn area’s overall health and aesthetic value.

With all that said, you should not take care of your lawn only during spring and summer. You should remember to do it all year round. If you need more pointers, consult an expert.

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