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Useful Strategies for Building a Sustainable Apartment

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Most millennials on the housing market are opting to buy or rent apartments instead of going for houses because of concerns over finances and available space. More and more individuals are aiming for a sustainable lifestyle that can repair or at least temper the damage that humanity has done on the planet. It’s most relevant in this age to know how to build a home that is sustainable even if you weren’t able to create a property from the ground up using eco-friendly methods and sourced materials. There are lots of ways to get a decent space and make it sustainable, like these:

  • Making use of LED bulbs

Ask any reliable electricians to install fixtures in your home, and they’ll tell you that LED bulbs are the best choice. They use up less energy (over 80% less than older traditional bulbs) and last longer than earlier variations without sacrificing the brightness you need. You can incorporate them into any light fixture, whether it’s a purely decorative light piece or a bulb in your kitchen.

  • Use energy-efficient appliances

This idea falls to energy consumption again, which you can check by the label that shows its efficiency. You can also check how many watts it consumes and compute from there. While getting second hand may seem like a good idea to reduce the need for things to get thrown out, be sure that your priority is getting something that will last long as that is better for sustainability. From there, it also comes down to your usage habits.

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  • Stick to reusables

Those plastic bottles, straws, paper plates, and disposable bags? Now is the time to nix them. A ton of products out there currently serves the same purpose yet do not harm the environment the same way. You can get an eco-bag or any bag for your purposes, stick to a few useful utensils and plates you can wash, and use reusable bottles.

  • Use good insulation

If you have poor insulation, this can make your heating and cooling more of a struggle and end up not only increasing the cost of your bills but also producing more emissions. Essentially, all insulation materials are pollutants to an extent, but apartment buildings incorporate this to manage the indoor temperature as well. The solution here is to keep it well-maintained so that it doesn’t strain your HVAC system (causing more emissions and energy usage) and to opt for green insulation if available.

  • Make sure you’re recycling right

Today, 21% of people in the United States say they are still too lazy to recycle. Even if you aren’t among them and you make an effort to segregate and recycle, statistics show that over half of Americans are doing it wrong. Make sure you read up on what things can be recycled and what types of items shouldn’t be put together in the same bag. Plus, it won’t hurt to use biodegradable trash bags.

If you can find an apartment that has been built with industry standards on sustainability, that’s great. But either way, as long as you implement your practices and items in that realm, you can make a positive impact that will not only save the future but save on costs.

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