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Gardening with Style: The Latest Trends in the Landscaping Industry

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It’s no secret that landscaping trends are changing. Gone are the days of traditional flower beds and green grass. Today, landscapers want to create a space that is more than just aesthetically pleasing. It’s about creating an environment for relaxation and rejuvenation in your backyard.

The different trends in the landscaping industry are constantly changing. A landscaping trend today may no longer be trendy tomorrow. For instance, Kikuyu turf was not as popular before as it is now. In the past, homeowners preferred Bermuda grass because it required less maintenance. However, landscapers are now starting to explore different options so that they can make better recommendations to their clients.

The Latest Trends in the Landscaping Industry

Keeping up with the latest trends in the landscaping industry is challenging. The latest trends are constantly changing, and it’s easy to get out of touch with the latest trends every time it changes. Below are the latest trends in the landscaping industry today:

  • Using giant boulders for aesthetic purposes

In the past, decorations were mainly limited to flowers and shrubs. However, landscapers are now starting to use giant boulders for aesthetic purposes because they can create different moods depending on the size of the boulder used.

Big boulders can give a garden an exotic look. They can also be used to create the impression that there is a stream in one’s garden even when there is none. It is up to landscape artists to decide the best placement of boulders, depending on their landscaping project.

  • Using more than just grass for landscaping purposes

In the past, landscapers focused mainly on using grass as they felt it gave enough colour and texture to make up an entire landscaping project on its own. However, landscapers are now starting to use different concepts and have thus deviated from using grass to decorate a garden.

Nowadays, landscape artists can use shrubs, flowers, and even boulders to create landscaping projects of more colours and shapes. In addition, landscapers are now taking advantage of the latest technology in the industry. That makes it easier for them to use rocks as a replacement for grass.

Many homeowners have started to choose alternatives to grass because it is no longer an easy landscaping material to maintain. Other options out there make the landscaping process less of a hassle while still giving homeowners beautiful and elegant-looking yards.

  • Using waterfalls in place of fountains

It’s easy to see how landscaping trends have evolved by looking at old pictures and comparing them to landscaping pictures from today. While landscapers may still choose to use fountains in their designs, there is a growing trend of using waterfalls instead.

Waterfalls are easier for landscapers because they don’t require the same type of maintenance as fountains do. They can be set up in less time, and homeowners will be given a more aesthetically pleasing environment.

If you’re concerned about the safety of your children, a water feature may not be the best option for you. That’s where landscapers can help design stone or concrete pathways that will give kids an area for play but remove any need to worry about them getting into contact with water.

  • Koi ponds

Koi ponds have come back into demand as landscapers are building them larger than ever before. They’re not only easy to maintain, but they also provide a quiet spot for you or your family to relax and enjoy the company of nature without all the noises that come with birds, insects, etc.

Homeowners can purchase koi fish to put into their ponds that will bring beauty and help with water quality. Koi fish are easy to maintain because they are low-maintenance pets that will thrive as long as you have a large pond to support them.

  • Stone and concrete paths

As mentioned above, stone or concrete pathways can give your kids an area for play but remove any need to worry about them getting into contact with water from the pond or waterfalls in the garden. They also provide you with another stunning addition to your landscaping.

Stone and concrete paths also give a level of safety to your landscaping. They’re highly durable and will last for many years — even decades — unlike using grass that can become damaged after only a few months or less, especially if bad weather conditions prevail.

Keeping Up with the Latest Trends

The latest trends in the landscaping industry lean towards landscaping with a specific purpose in mind. For example, landscaping can now be used to help promote your business or simply as an additional feature to the property itself. This is particularly beneficial for those who have problems marketing their homes and getting people through the door.

By investing in the latest trends in the landscaping industry, homeowners can achieve a better home experience. Therefore, landscaping can be a particularly effective marketing tool for those who want their landscaped homes to stand out from the crowd.

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