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Experts Suggested Tips to Decorate Large Empty Walls

wall design

Whether you own a small apartment or a large house, It is always challenging to decide what to do with walls. Some people might like blank walls, but let’s be honest empty walls are very dull. Hence, it is evident that everyone wants to bring style and creativity to their walls. If you are one of them and looking for some decor ideas, your search ends here.

From DIY to low-budget solutions, here are some tips on how to decorate your empty walls:

1. Bring in the nature

Viewing nature can have significant psychological benefits, right from relaxation to mindfulness. Then why limit nature and the garden to the exterior of your house. If the room gets enough sunlight, you can use hanging plants to add life to your walls. Even if the sunlight is not sufficient, you can use indoor plants that require less light.

Besides indoor plants, you can also use nature wallpapers. You can easily find several options on the internet. If you don’t want too much greenery, you can also opt for other nature-like options such as faux brick walls or snow mountains.

2. Make it your gallery

What can be better than decorating a wall with some priceless memories? You can try different collections such as candid, personal, wildlife, or art. However, ensure that you don’t end up diversifying too much. A wall filled with photographs will undoubtedly become a center of attraction for visitors. It will also serve as a way to sit back and recall memories while having a cup of coffee. Ensure taking the frames as high as possible so that the space does not look congested.

3. Install floating shelves

wall design

Whether you want to place books, ceramic, vases, idols, or anything else, floating shelves can easily liven up your walls. While you can always go with the option of filling the shelves with art pieces, it would be best to mix up a few small and large things. For instance, you can go with a combo of art, small plants, and books to make it visually appealing. Also, remember that you don’t want it to look all cluttered; hence, keep ample space between the objects on the shelves.

4. Go all creative

One of the easiest but most effective ways to fill your blank walls is to add large, statement-making art pieces. You can choose a single big or many small art pieces with different colors, textures, and visual appeals. While this will become the center of focus on your wall, it also has some health benefits. Creativity and our cognitive thinking are interlinked. Hence, art pieces can help drive neural mechanisms and enhance mindfulness.

5. Add some mural feel

Adding a tiny pinch of the mural will take your wall’s richness to an entirely new level. If you are artistic and good with paints, you can DIY mural paints. However, even if you are not great with that, there are many other options available. For instance, you can simply use a projector to project the murals on the wall and then paint it.

You can also use paper murals that are easy to hang on the walls. The best part about paper murals is that they are pocket-friendly and can be replaced as and when required. That said, you can try different things and change the murals regularly.

6. Use mirrors

mirror hanging on a wall

If you are a fashion enthusiast, mirrors might be the perfect solution to decorate your blank walls. You can pick any size or shape of mirrors. Alternatively, you can also go about hanging or leaning the mirror against the wall. The possibilities are endless here, and you need to make a decision based on your preferences. However, ensure that you also take a few factors like the size of the wall and the mirror’s weight into consideration.

For instance, if the mirror is large and heavy, it would be best to keep it leaning. Besides just covering the wall and giving a quick outfit glance before you step outside, mirrors can also help your room look brighter by reflecting light.

7. Hanging bar

A hanging bar is a perfect match if you don’t have enough space for a proper bar cart but still want to have a space to keep and enjoy getting boozed. It will fill up the blank wall and add practicality to the room, especially if you like to host and entertain people. You can have a hanging bar of any size, depending on your needs.

There are several other options to cover your empty walls. With so many choices available, it can be hard at times to select the perfect one. While you can try different things, it is always recommended not to make the wall look heavily decorated. In fact, it is also sometimes best to leave them as it is, it all depends on the needs.

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