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How the Automotive Industry is Affected by COVID-19


Before the year 2020, no one thought that the economy would see a drastic change. People were secure in their thought that everything would just be normal even if the beginnings of a pandemic were reported in the waning months of 2019. They were sadly mistaken.

The pandemic has affected different businesses, with some not being able to take the pressure. Industries have welcomed the challenge of the pandemic, for sure, but there are some that are still trying to make it with quite a few more failing to make significant strides due to the lockdowns. The result has caused the U.S. automotive industry to try to go through many changes and adjustments, some of which had been effective, but it’s been largely hit-and-miss.

Companies are still welcoming the unique challenge posed by the pandemic, however. There are technological advances being explored and, to some extent, there are some changes that have proven effective in helping the industry, like these:

Restarting Car Sales Aided by Vaccines

If there is something that’s been a big help to car industries and auto repair shops, it’s the vaccines. It’s quite interesting to see that it isn’t only welcomed by people who want to keep safe from the virus.

If you’re asking why this is the case, consider the situation: the pandemic is still around. With this kind of uncertainty, people won’t be able to concentrate on buying a new car or bringing in their old one for much-needed repairs. That will be very bad for business.

With restrictions in face-to-face transactions and other protocols, it could be very hard for car businesses to even make a profit. Mass vaccination will actually help them bring back the people inside the shops.

Buying Your Car Online

The pandemic has made it difficult for people to move around. Before, it’s unheard-of for a prospective buyer to look for cars online. Second-hand cars and those being sold by owners can be found online, but not every dealership maintained an online store.

During the pandemic, it’s simply not possible to ignore the clamor for online shopping anymore. There are health experts and studies that say sheltering-in-place is still effective in stopping the spread of the virus. If that’s the case, then you have no business trying to get your customers to come to your store.

In times like this, you need to bring your products and your store online. It’ll help you survive and, in the long run, it might also bring in fresh customers for your business.

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Think Shifting to Different Revenue

In uncertain times like now, people are looking for something they can feel safe doing. There are those who prefer short-term transactions or subscription-based offers, as these do not require capital to be used in the long term. The younger crowd particularly chooses to do these transactions, even before the pandemic struck.

Even the baby boomers are looking to this transaction model when making large-scale purchases such as buying cars. If you want to sell even when people are keeping their money in the bank or for emergency purposes, it’s best to think of ways like this to make them comfortable to part with their cash.

Beneficial Partnerships

Another way of making a killing in sales even with the prevailing doubt and the effort to secure ones’ finances is to gain cooperation among major players. There were already discussions about partnerships among industries that are major players in the automobile sales niche. OEMs and suppliers have always held talks aimed at sharing their technology and focus on making their businesses “pandemic-proof” or even future-proof.

The auto industry could use a little innovation, but it’s not for lack of trying. There are already players which have embraced partnerships that are beneficial. It’s just that it needs to pick up among the many players in the industry.

Resilience in the Supply Chain

There are many companies that failed because they did not account for the lack of supplies or the sudden halt in their supply chain. Before the pandemic arrived at local shores, the supply experienced a shock in production lines, and many products, including cars, suffered from it.

China is one of the main sources of production supplies and materials. If it cannot supply anything, then the companies relying on it are doomed. This is why resilience in the supply chain is important. Unhampered supplies mean your production and manufacturing go unhindered and your sales are safer.

There are a lot of adjustments and re-tooling that happened because of the pandemic. Whatever your industry is, you should focus on adjusting to the current situation to be prepared for it—and in turn, be prepared for the future.

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