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Suburban and Country Living: A Gateway to the Best of Both Worlds

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There are considerations aplenty when we think about moving somewhere for the long term. A prime example to ponder is the location. Do you choose to live in Melbourne, close to the inner city with all its opportunities? Or seek out land for sale in suburbs like Armstrong Creek to develop your dream home?

These numerous questions usually relate to the same issue: to live in the city or not. Well, here are a few reasons why we should strongly contemplate finding somewhere away from the city.

Floor Space

Cities are typically densely populated as people look for somewhere to live near to work opportunities. This means that there’s less space to meet the higher demand. As a result, cities like Sydney and Melbourne have smaller and more expensive housing options.

Things are much different further out of the city, in the surrounding suburbs and countryside. Houses are bigger since developers and homeowners alike have more land available. Homeowners who can’t afford large houses at first need not fret, since the land is big enough so they can further develop their property in the future.

This is why these locations are the perfect places to raise a family. Extensions can be added as the family increases, and the children have space to explore and play in the safe environment of the community.

Safety and Privacy

A top concern for all parents is the safety of their family. Compared to the city, suburban areas and the countryside both have lower crime rates.

Additionally, there are fewer cars in the streets. This means that children can play on the curb without parents worrying about cars speeding and potentially causing an accident.


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Living away from the urban jungle of the city results in a slower pace of life, but this does not mean that the suburbs are lacking when it comes to access to amenities. Developments outside major cities are designed to attract people away from the congested cities and plan shopping, banking and communal facilities nearby government utilities and services like schools and hospitals.  The planned development stimulates further growth in the local economy.

Demand from residents in the suburbs around Melbourne attracts retail outlets, from boutiques to major chains, to cater for the weekly shop or emergency needs from a nearby convenience store.  This demand also encourages amenities for sport and recreation. Aside from local sports clubs and hikes, the Victoria surf coast is perfect for impromptu beach trips.

Sense of Community

People in the city live compartmentalised anonymous lives. Everyone’s busy with their schedules, minding their own business as they go about their day. The lack of a sense of community in high-rise urban living means the residents need to find alternative methods to interact with others.

This isn’t a problem for those who choose to reside outside the city. Properties in the suburbs are usually within close distance of neighbours. This allows residents to easily introduce themselves to newcomers, and strike up a friendship within the neighbourhood.

Living in the city sounds appealing and dynamic. But the drawbacks include cramped accommodation, greater expenses and a lack of community. It’s no surprise that many people prefer an easier commute to somewhere calmer, cheaper and more inviting in the suburbs.

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