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Renting Out Your Tiny Home for the Holidays

tiny house

Do you have a tiny home that is left vacant? Perhaps, it crossed your mind while building it the prospects of renting it out to guests to earn extra profit. You made a great call investing in such a project as vacationing in a tiny house could only become more popular in the months to come.

Aside from the pandemic pushing for smaller gatherings, several other reasons drive the tiny home vacation trend. According to a feature article by Hostfully, many people have become more concerned for the environment, therefore, opting for lodging made of sustainable and energy-efficient materials, all criteria met by tiny houses. Moreover, renting it saves them a lot more than booking a hotel room.

Winter months are coming and, with that, vacation houses will peak in demand. You can’t pass up such a lucrative opportunity, and so you want to make your tiny house marketable. Here is how you can achieve that:

Get Moving

Your tiny house one-ups other types of lodging because you can relocate whenever you want. Each time you do that, you give prospecting visitors a fresh view of your property. For this, though, you have to spend approximately a five-digit fortune, so better make the move worth it.

Find a spot that is overlooking a pristine natural view. It could be on a rock formation overlooking the sea or the city below. If not, nestle it in the more barren portions of a forest. Just make sure the move is legal as your state orders.

Make it Comfy

The last thing you would want for your accommodation is that it gets badly rated online, therefore, dissuading future clients. That said, you should maintain your tiny house’s cleanliness. Vacuum and wipe down furniture, walls, and floors with appropriate cleaning solutions.

Swipe off spider cobwebs on corners. Scrub tile and grout and polish metal fixtures like door and faucet knobs. Replace dusty bedding and blankets, and while you can clean your mattresses too. Deodorize ovens and the fridge with the help of natural ingredients like baking soda and vinegar and keep the house from retaining more odors by ventilating the rooms well.

Do not forget to check if water is running well from the tap. Also, check if the heater is still working. If not, a quick solution is by renting a commercial heater. If a client has booked their stay already, know of the size of their group and make sure there are enough electric outlets available; provide a power strip, if possible.


Your guests would want to lock in the precious memories they made during the trip with photographs. Help them create beautiful memories by making your interior picture-worthy as much as the scenic outdoors are. The simplest thing you can do is by replacing old curtains and pillowcases with attractively patterned ones or adding colorful throws to your couches.

Also, make sure all your lights work, especially your accent lights that make for softly lit selfies. You can situate your house so that its biggest window faces the best view in the spot to cater to those who are not fond of going out but still want to preserve the view in their camera roll. And, since it’s going to be Christmas, you can adorn the house with Santa Claus and reindeer figurines, if not a simple snow globe.



You are most likely going to encounter a family with a furry baby member, and with whom they would like to enjoy the fresh sights and sounds. You can make the stay just as pleasant for their pets through a wide lawn provision where they can run to their heart’s content and where they could play limitlessly with their owners. Leave pet toys and treats for them, too.

More Perks

Give your guests more exclusive treatment by gifting them complementary goods like hygiene kits, snacks, and beverages. If your house comes with a grill, you can also give them pellets. If you have parked your tiny house somewhere like an eco-park and there happens to be touring personnel dispatched in the area, you can provide your guests with a calling card, so they can get in touch with them for when they want to tour the place.

Bonding Activities

A vacation can only be so dull especially if the group hasn’t prepared any activities. You can provide board games, sports equipment, and a projector set to encourage them to engage in group activities.


These days, the setting for recreational activities has become a more crucial criterion when choosing a place to spend holidays in. This makes tiny houses all the more a preferred destination. With the right blend of comfortable lodging and access to nature, you can make yours a hit during winter.


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