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Relocation Hacks: 3 Underrated Australian Cities That are Good for Business and Living


Everything about your business idea might be good, but if you launch it in the wrong location, it’s likely that it won’t reach its full potential. Even with today’s technology and delivery capacity, it’s difficult to tap your target market if you’re not where the majority of them live.   Your location will also affect your brand, as certain places are associated with certain characteristics. Take for example an address in the City of London. Clients who are looking for affordable options might not choose yours because your prices are probably higher. It’s essential that your new location suits your brand well.
It also matters that it suits your personal preferences. After all, when you move your company, you’re also packing up your entire life and going along with it. To make the search easier for you, here are the three most underrated cities in Australia that are good both for you and your business.


Melbourne is a crowded place, and to ease the strain on this coastal capital, Geelong is enjoying unprecedented growth. Experts foresee that it will continue to develop both infrastructure-wise and economy-wise in the coming years. Among its strongest industries are health, tourism, technology, education, manufacturing, and food and services.

Perhaps one of the biggest factors that make it attractive to your business and your personal life is its environment. It’s a perfect mix of urban living doused with the right amount of nature. Even just the sight of the sea and rolling grasslands can ease your mind on the most challenging workdays.

The developing urban scene mixed with enough biophilic elements doesn’t make it difficult to see why living and doing business here is a great idea.



Searching for a house and land for sale is an exciting endeavor that sets a high standard for Karratha to live up to. The good news is that they’re both excellent locations, albeit for different reasons.

Karratha is set in the Australian outback, which makes it more rural. Still, it has some amazing facilities and access to your favorite things, giving you a slice of city life closer to nature. The most enticing thing about it is that Karratha’s government is making an effort to accommodate and promote small to medium-sized businesses. This is because it’s home to multinational corporations that export natural gas, iron ore, and salt, among other things. Such big companies create a gap in the locality which needs to be filled by entrepreneurs like yourself.

As for your personal life, it’s a great place to make meaningful connections. Karratha has a lot of activities like charities, group fitness classes, and boating for those who want to enjoy the great outdoors.


Are your lifestyle and business inclined to pastoralism and agriculture? Launceston is the hub for both. It’s also an in-demand tourist destination not only for beautiful sceneries like the Cataract Gorge and picturesque spots like City Park; Launceston is among the few Australian cities that enjoy four seasons.

If your business isn’t seasonal and you can profit from the changing climate, this city is a major consideration for you. Just imagine the opportunities that will come your way with the crowds of tourists it attracts.

When you’re not running your business, you can take advantage of the walking trails and the Tamar Valley wine tour among its vast array of social activities. Launceston has a great mix of recreational options and professional opportunities that could boost your business towards the success it deserves.

There’s a perfect location for every business. When everything else about your brand feels right but you’re not making the profit you should be making, it’s time to consider relocating. Wherever you choose to live and work, make sure it’s a place you’ll be comfortable to call your home.

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