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Quiet Victorian Suburb gets $2.45 Million in Funding

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Suburban living just got better, with the State government allocating significant amounts towards the improvement of Whittlesea. $2.45 million will go to 5 separate projects and more funding is expected in the future. Property and land values are bound to go up, so don’t expect those for sale signs to stay up for long.

Support for the Elderly

Close to 20 percent of Whittlesea’s population is over the age of 65. Most of them are originally from the area and the rest moved there specifically for retirement. The state government allocated 1.24 million towards a social support services facility at Mernda. The facility will provide another venue for the elderly to access social programs similar to the ones in Lalor, Mill Park, and Epping. The Mernda facility will focus on programs that aim to reduce social isolation through inter-generational activities that give the elderly the opportunity to try new things as well as maintain their independence.

Library Upgrades

Libraries are said to be essential in advancing literacy as well as the love for learning. The State government clearly agrees as it has allocated another $450,000 to the Mill Park Library as funding for its expansion. The expansion includes upgrades to its external decks, improvements to children’s areas, and the construction of an outdoor learning area.

Better Shopping

Rochdale Square will get a fresher look as $360,000 was allocated to change the look and design of the streetscape to make it greener and to add various artistic elements. Street lights will be added and upgraded for better lighting, as well as to increase the perception of safety during the night. Park benches and tables are set to be restored and a few extra pieces are also to be added. New facilities will also be built to better accommodate community events and market days. A part of the funding will be used to provide better parking facilities and a bigger playground to encourage shopping.

Greener Energy

Global warming is a real concern in Australia. To this end, the State government allocated $250,000 to install solar batteries in 8 community facilities in Whittlesea. The solar batteries will allow unused energy from the sun to be stored instead of being sent to the grid. The project aims to reduce Whittlesea’s carbon footprint as well as increase its energy efficiency. Australia relies on fossil fuels for close to 80 percent of its power production. Any program that would reduce that amount would be gladly accepted by its residents.

Play Areas for Kids

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The Carrington Children’s Centre in Thomastown is also set for a few improvements. $150,000 has been set for safer playing spaces, new landscaping, and facilities for outdoor learning. The centre incorporates a learning atmosphere as it provides daycare services to children below the age of 6.

The 2.45 million investment into Whittlesea is part of the government’s $25 million expansion to the Growing Suburbs Plan. The funding also coincides with the government’s overall plan to move populations from overcrowded cities into the suburbs.

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