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Making Money Work for You: Passive and Extra Income

Earning concept

Nowadays, people need to reflect more on their expenses and be more aware of their spending habits. Student loans, debts, and credit card scores all reflect the realities of the need for saving and earning more money, possibly earning more than what your job is already providing. You’ve probably wondered at some point in time how people can earn so much money in these trying times, especially if they seem to be doing nothing. The answer? They may be doing nothing indeed.

Passive Income

Aside from the money you earn from work (active income), passive income is the very definition of money working for you. To put to terms, it is income earned with putting little to no effort on your part and is not proportionate to the time you place in acquiring that income. The things that spring into mind are bonds, real estate, dividends, and royalties. Since passive income is earned with little to no effort, you are literally earning money on your sleep. This also frees up your time to do other hobbies.

Why It Is Important

Money can always be earned, spent, used, squandered, saved, and even lost. Time, on the other hand, is something we cannot take back. As most people work to earn money and use the precious gift of time, passive and extra sources of income may be the answer to getting more than what you actually work for.

Extra Income

Handing out moneyIf you really need the money, you can earn cash for selling your old houses in New Jersey or your old car to an auto shop. If you want to earn gradually, earning extra income is also a viable option. Since this requires time like active income, consider these three points: deal-breakers, strengths, and priorities. Consider as well why you want to earn, what you’re earning for, and how to balance it with your job, as well as the time, money and effort you may need to sacrifice.

How to Get Started

If stocks and investments don’t seem right at the moment, you can earn passive and extra income in many other ways.

  • Affiliate marketing means earning commission through marketing and promoting another product or service. Simply find something you like by a company or a friend and earn some profit from a sale. Articles, social media, and authority websites are your best friends.
  • The creation of online platforms may help increase your passive income by writing content that interests you and other readers.
  • If photography is your passion, you can upload photos to photography or related websites.
  • Selling your stuff online doesn’t just mean extra money, but extra space for you, as well. Unneeded and unused clothes, electronics, or appliances can be posted online. Take inspiration from Marie Kondo and earn some money for it.
  • If you love teaching, tutoring is a fun and rewarding way of earning money. Teaching courses online can be very convenient, too. If you prefer traditional face-to-face instruction, you may coordinate with nearby colleges and schools to contribute your services.
  • Walking the dog and taking care of other peoples’ pets through apps like Rover or Wag can keep you compensated depending on your location and frequency.

If you’re an employee of good standing and think you provide quality work, meanwhile, you can also start negotiating for a raise or promotion with your boss. Many employers are willing to retain top talent with a strong job market. You may not like negotiating, but a bonus is still considered extra income even if it’s not the side job you’ve always wanted.

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