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Lockdown Birthday No More: Party Ideas You Can Explore

Over a year of navigating through the lockdowns led many of us to run out of ways to deal with boredom, workloads, stress, distant learning, and ideas for celebrations. But as several states start to lift their restrictions on mobility, it seems there is hope for parties and events to be safely celebrated this year.

While big parties may be put on hold for now, that doesn’t mean we have to endure another birthday locked inside our homes. As increasing numbers of Americans decide to get vaccinated and safety protocols are strictly followed, the nation may reach herd immunity in no time. Thus, the perfect opportunity to plan a well-deserved post-pandemic birthday party celebration.

Celebrate it on a boat

Parties are best celebrated knowing you and your guests can safely enjoy each moment there is. Thus, throwing a birthday bash on a yacht where you can enjoy a scenic view with a continuous supply of fresh air is a fantastic idea. Moreover, being out in the ocean gives you a well-deserved break from your daily stresses. It can provide you the needed space to unload your worries and help you be more present, surrounded by people who matter.

Granted you follow safety protocols, consider changing the landscape from your previous online celebration to renting boats from companies like VIP Boat Hire for your special day. On top of a relaxing view and great food, you can also engage in exciting activities such as swimming, fishing, and snorkeling, to name a few.

Splash for the bash

pool party

If you are stuck in lockdown areas but still want to celebrate your birthday with a splash, consider throwing a good old-fashioned pool party. This is your chance to bring out all the outfits and accessories dusting away in your closet. Go all out by adding themes to your celebration. You’d want a Luau party vibe with tropical fruits and paper lanterns or a more laid-back barbecue picnic with your loved ones.

For added safety, instruct your guests to bring their personal rafts, pool floats, and towels. You can also arrange party chairs a seat apart to encourage social distancing while enjoying the day. Keep everything relaxed and plan out the foods you will serve, depending on your guests. For example, if there will be a mixed crowd, it would be best to have a designated snack area for children and separate ones for adult’s booze.

Hit that play button

If you lean more on peaceful celebrations, you can bring the party back to its roots by doing film viewing marathons and sleepovers. Consider visiting a drive-in theatre nearby. Or recreate it in your garden with a projector, pillows, blankets, a white screen cloth, and glittering string lights around to establish the mood.

To make the most of it, hire a food truck for the night and include snacks and refreshments for you and your friends to enjoy. For the main event, you can conduct a poll in advance to determine which film your guests want to see or surprise them with your choice since it’s your special day. You can even combine both ideas to balance the mood.

Pour in the wine

Are you a wine lover? No problem, then. Celebrate by immersing yourself in the wine universe to enjoy old favourites and discover something new in the bar. Impress your guests with the finest ones in your selection and pair them with delectable foods and appetisers to match the celebration.

Additionally, you can ask your visitors to bring their favourite bottles that they want to share with everyone. A wine tasting party is also a great way to keep the conversation going and may even spark games for everyone’s enjoyment.

Barbecue in the backyard

barbecue party

Nothing is more enjoyable than getting some much-needed vitamin D and have outdoor activities with your loved ones as you celebrate life. Organise a barbecue party where you can relax and enjoy good food with your guests. For your entertainment, consider arranging age-appropriate games where everyone can participate. For example, if you plan on an all-adult celebration, you can opt for murder mystery quests, glow-in-the-dark bowling, or a classic round of old never-have-I-ever questions.

Several plans, goals, celebrations, and significant life events have been put on hold since the onset of the pandemic. Many were encouraged to remain indoors to protect themselves and those around them.

However, we have adapted to changes since, and the majority have learned to be more innovative. Don’t let the current situation get the best of you. Celebrating life is still possible provided we follow safety protocols and adhere to health restrictions.

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