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Indulgences that Are Actually Worth It

Indulging Yourself

We are taught to spend our hard-earned money on the things that we genuinely need. However, some indulgences can turn out to be worthy investments. Life is meant to be experienced, savored, and enjoyed in all its beauty. Sometimes, we focus on just working so hard that we often lose sight of why we were even bothering to work so hard in the first place.

Spending some money on life’s pleasures should not be something that makes you feel guilty. From going on an expensive vacation to buying a set of custom military coins for your collection, here are some items that you should not regret spending your money on:

Going on an Overseas Vacation

Overseas vacations can cost a lot, especially if you tow along the whole family. However, the memories that these vacations can give you are priceless. The experience shared with the people that you love is without price. You will bring these memories with you, as well as the people that you were with.

Family vacations foster togetherness and let you experience and learn new things with the people that matter most to you. They help your children experience the world and widen their horizons. Vacations and trips bring you and your family together, and that is something most people will be more than willing to spend some money on.

Taking That Post-graduate Studies

Some might tell you that taking post-graduate studies is unnecessary, especially if you already have a business or a job. For some, going to grad school or taking a second course is an indulgence. However, taking that post-grad course is a worthwhile investment.

Over the years, the number of college graduates in the United States has increased. The competition as you go up along your career ladder is becoming fiercer and fiercer. Wherever you are right now, whatever you have gleaned from going back to school has helped you be where you are now. There is nothing more worthwhile to invest in than your most crucial money-making machine: your brain.

The House That You Are Living In

You might have indulged yourself and your wife when you conceptualized your family home: grand staircases, double door entrances, floor to ceiling windows, and a beautiful lawn to boot. Some people tell you that buying a simpler home or renting an apartment is the most economical option.

However, investing in your home is not an indulgence. Your home is your sanctuary. It is the place where you recharge your batteries and recover. You are entitled to have the home that you dream of and can afford. Do not let the opinions of other people tell you otherwise. You and your family deserve a beautiful place to call your home.


Gifts That You Gave Your Wife

Indulging your wife once in a while to show her how important she is to you is necessary for a happy and loving relationship. When you show her that she is important to you, she will also indulge you in the things that you are passionate about. This is not to say that you should buy her expensive gifts all the time. Gifts are not about the price tag, after all. But surprising her with a designer bag on her birthday will make her happy.

Gifts That You Bought For Yourself

Self-love is important. Treating yourself once in a while with the things that you want can be healthy for your mental well-being and productivity. Did you finish a big project and bought yourself a new smartphone? Did you close a deal with a client and bought a set of custom military coins to add to your coin collection? You deserved that. Rewarding yourself is a good way of encouraging yourself to complete your tasks and deliverables, no matter how challenging and hard they are.

Buying That Car

Men see cars as an extension of themselves. That’s why for men, buying a car is a personal matter. It is not just for transport or for a show. It goes deeper than that. Men usually regard their vehicles as sentient beings, not just for their convenience. So if you gave in and bought a car, do not beat yourself up over it. Besides, your wife and kids were probably just as pumped as you were when you bought it home.

Indulgences might not always equate to the things that you need. However, these indulgences give you a pleasant feeling that can make you feel good about yourself, your life, and what you are doing in general. It can be shallow for some, but indulging yourself can make you a better person and allows you to care for others.







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