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Ideas for a Home Service Business: Most Profitable Ones

Homeowners looking to improve home
  • Landscape maintenance is a popular business venture in the home service industry, as it can significantly increase a home’s curb appeal and perceived value.
  • Amenity installation services can help make a backyard more attractive and appealing to potential buyers.
  • Interior design services involve designing or decorating the interior spaces of a house to provide an inviting atmosphere.
  • Home staging involves rearranging furniture, adding a fresh coat of paint, and introducing new accessories to make a house more appealing to prospective buyers.

Home improvement is a popular industry, with millions of homeowners improving their homes yearly. Homeowners are constantly looking to improve their homes for many reasons, from wanting a more modern aesthetic to increasing the home’s value. Statistics show that the home improvement industry is growing, and it’s no surprise that many entrepreneurs are looking to capitalize on the trend by starting their home service businesses.

Homeowners also want a space that can accommodate their lifestyle needs; as families grow or lifestyles change, upgrades like additional bedrooms or bathrooms may be necessary.

Investing in home improvement is also essential for those planning to sell their house. A study by Zillow found that homeowners can expect to recoup around 67.8% of the money they put into a project when it comes time to sell, illustrating how beneficial home improvements can be for buyers and sellers.

As a result, you might want to start a business surrounding home services. Here are the most profitable ventures you can begin:

Landscape Maintenance

Landscaping can have a significant effect on the perceived value and overall aesthetic of a home. Curb appeal is the first impression many potential buyers will have when viewing a house, so ensuring that the lawn and surrounding outdoor spaces are well-maintained is essential.

Having an attractive and well-maintained lawn can make all the difference in attracting potential buyers to a property. It also shows the homeowner’s pride in their home and commitment to ensuring it looks its best from inside and outside. A manicured landscape gives buyers peace of mind that they won’t have to take on significant renovations before moving in, which may be enough to sway them toward making an offer.

In addition to increasing curb appeal, landscaping services also provide other benefits to homeowners. Landscape maintenance includes weed control, fertilization, watering, and mowing, leaving homeowners with a lush, green yard for their family or pets to enjoy. It can also help save money on energy costs by reducing temperatures around the home during hot summer days or providing shade where needed.

For these reasons, landscape maintenance is ideal for entrepreneurs looking to enter the home service industry. While it requires some startup costs, such as equipment and materials, numerous opportunities are available for those with experience in landscaping or horticulture who demonstrate outstanding customer service skills. With the proper knowledge and dedication, anyone can start their own successful landscape maintenance business.

Amenity Installation Services

Every home needs to be entertaining for both the family and guests. An amenity installation business is perfect for those experienced in plumbing, electrical, or construction.

Amenity installation services can include the following:


Swimming pools

Pools are some of the most popular backyard amenities and are a great way to make the most of summer days. Installing them, however, requires significant experience in plumbing and construction.

Outdoor kitchens

Outdoor kitchens provide a luxurious space to entertain guests while creating an attractive focal point for the backyard. Unsurprisingly, they’re becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners looking for ways to add value to their homes.


Installing fences is another service you can offer as part of your home service business. Fences are aesthetically pleasing and are a security measure for homes with children or pets. You can partner with a company that supplies Trex fence panels to provide customers with quality materials.

Outer Deck or Patio

Having a deck or patio is essential for entertaining guests outdoors. Building and installing one requires significant skill and experience in carpentry, so having the right tools and materials is necessary.

These services can prove lucrative at competitive prices while providing excellent customer service. Additionally, you can add value by offering maintenance packages or warranties that guarantee satisfaction.

Interior Design and Home Staging

Interior design and home staging are two essential services in the home service industry. They can significantly increase a home’s value while helping potential buyers envision themselves living there.

Interior design involves designing or decorating the interior spaces of a house, such as the living room, kitchen, and bedrooms. You’ll need to understand color and texture coordination, lighting, furniture placement, and other elements that make up an attractive interior space. A keen eye for detail is also essential for this business venture.

Home staging is slightly different from interior design; instead of completely redesigning a room or house, you’ll advise on what needs to be done to make it more appealing to potential buyers. You might suggest rearranging furniture, adding a fresh coat of paint, or introducing new modern and affordable accessories.

Home staging is essential for increasing the chances of selling a house quickly and reasonably priced. It’s also relatively inexpensive compared to other services in the home service industry.

Final Thoughts

The home service industry provides numerous opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to start their businesses. From landscape maintenance to interior design, there are plenty of profitable ventures you can begin with minimal startup costs and training required. With dedication and commitment, anyone can establish an up-and-running business that will attract homeowners looking to upgrade their homes!

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