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Floor Plan Mistakes to Avoid: A Simple Guide for First-Time Homeowners

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One of the most exciting moments of a person’s life is finally getting to own a home. After many months, even years of going through long lists of house and lot packages here in Western Melbourne, you have finally picked the right property and are ready to sign those important documents. But that is just the beginning.

Many other steps would follow: finding the right interior designers, purchasing new or even used furniture pieces, and carefully arranging those pieces in your new space to create that homey atmosphere. Then, after a few months of living in your new, you realise that the floor plan you’ve chosen doesn’t really work for you and your family.

But do not worry. After all, this is a very common mistake many new and first-time homeowners make. To avoid an inconvenience such as this, it’s best to make the right amount of preparations and educate yourself about simple floor plan rules before signing a contract.

So, here’s a list of the most common floor plan mistakes and how you can effectively avoid them:

Thinking that all types of floor plans would work for your lifestyle

Floor plans are not just about what looks best. Do not get it wrong, form is still essential. However, the functionality should always be the priority. Consider your current lifestyle and your family’s. After you have been presented with all the options you can choose from, think about how your family is going to work around the area.

Can you imagine your kids running around and climbing up the stairs safely? Can you see your partner relaxing during a warm after while reading their favourite book or flipping through pages of magazines? Can you imagine yourself enjoying your outdoors views through your home’s large living room windows?

Think about all the daily activities your family enjoy and consider if these would all work in all your current floor plan options. Comfort should always come first.

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Assuming you fully understand floor plan drawings

While looking for the right property, you may come across some floor plan drawings and other complicated-looking architectural design materials used by professionals. While this may be standard practice for the pros, those outside the field would most certainly find these drawings intimidating.

They are usually filled with jargons and symbols meant for architects and builders only. Many of these will not make any sense to an average homebuyer. Do not worry; it’s not uncommon to not understand any of these industry-related terms.

So, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask the professionals. Never make the mistake of thinking you fully understand where each door, stairs, and windows would be when you see them on paper.

Getting carried away by upgrades and staged presentations

Make sure to tour as many model homes as possible to have an actual feel of the home’s entire floor plan before deciding on which property to purchase. Do not get too impressed by all the home staging and upgrades professionals have added to attract more buyers.

Carefully study everything and be a smart buyer. Think of everything as a blank canvas and just focus on how the rooms flow from one to the other.

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