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Five Excellent Ways to Keep Your Car Cool During the Summer


Summer is always a great time to hit the road and spend your days outdoors to enjoy the sun. But for people who don’t fancy excessive heat, getting inside a car parked for hours can feel like an oven inside.

So, what do you do when a scorching car interior greets you? Keep reading to learn how to keep your parked car cool even during the summer.

Park your car smartly

When you’re outside of your house, Garage Living suggests parking your car smartly. You can do so by finding a place with some shade to shield your vehicle from the sun’s heat. Ideally, it’s best to find a parking garage for your car. But if it’s not an option, parking beneath the trees or in the shade of a building can help keep your car cooler even when it’s hot outside.

Cover your steering wheel

Holding a scorching steering wheel can be very uncomfortable, especially if you left your car outside for several hours. So, aside from using a sunshade, CBS Global says that it’s also a good idea to cover your steering wheel with a hand towel. Doing so will help keep your steering wheel’s temperature as low as possible. It’s a great technique, especially if you’ve been outside for a couple of hours.

tinted window

Tint your car windows

Window tints are another efficient way to keep your car cool even when parked outside. It’s highly advisable to get better quality tints so that you can still allow light to pass while blocking the thermal rays coming from the sun. However, getting a car window tint depends on where you are. Some states in the US have limitations for how people can use it. So, what’s legal in your area may not be the same in another.

Use a sunshade

Besides getting a car window film, using a sunshade or wind visor is another effective way to keep your car cool. You can set up a sunshade each time you get off your vehicle to act as a barrier for your car. You can even keep it cooler by setting a sunshade right in your rear window, too.

Get a solar-powered fan

For those who want to make the most out of the sun’s heat, getting a solar-powered fan should do the trick. You can slightly leave your windows open to help the air circulate inside your vehicle. Thus, reducing the car interior’s temperature. What’s great about it is that you don’t need to plug it elsewhere to work. Since it’s solar-powered, you can leave its small panels exposed to make it work. In that way, you’re harnessing the sun’s power to expel hot air from your vehicle.

Getting your car cool during the summer can be tricky. But it’s doable, especially if you follow the tips above. You can also check the internet for more information or ask any car tint shop in your area to help you get the best heat and UV protection for your car.

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