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Corona Times: RV Living Essentials

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This year, while the world is still in search of the vaccine for the coronavirus, the recreational vehicle industry is booming. With most local governments and states loosening up on their lockdown and quarantine orders and people ready to shake off their cabin fever due to prolonged stay indoors, it seems like RV living is the answer.

Recent statistics show about a million Americans are living full time in RVs, either by choice or because their situation forces them to do so. Many of them are traveling nurses or doctors, digital nomads, and retirees. As the virus continues to sweep the nation, more and more are seeing it as a viable living option.

For most, RV life is much cheaper than having a stationary house. There are utility bills, mortgages, and other fees you have to think of, whereas having a camper life makes juggling your finances a lot easier. Nonetheless, the spike of RV sales early this year is a result of people who want to get out of their houses and enjoy an outdoor vacation without worrying about getting infected by the virus.

If you have a recreational vehicle, making sure that you are safe and comfortable should be your priority. Thus, outlined below are some things that you should consider adding to your checklist before traveling.

Connection Equipment

What makes RV living unique from traditional camping is the presence of electricity and running water. You should include water and electric connection equipment on your RV checklist. Furthermore, having these pieces of equipment lessens the likelihood of you using public facilities that are quite risky.

The said equipment should include water pressure gauges and regulators, electrical cords, a clean hose for your drinking water, and the like. These are also necessary even if you are planning to have an exclusive, off-the-grid camping trip.

Emergency Kit

Residential homes and offices have emergency kits ready in case of accidents or injuries. You should prioritize the preparation of an emergency kit as part of your RV checklist. Outdoor adventures have lots of surprises, and among them is a possible mild injury or illness.

You should prioritize your basic needs. A well-stocked kit should include pain and anti-inflammatory medicine, tweezers, scissors, safety pins, sterile wipes, and more.

Vehicle Condition

Having your RV tuned-up before traveling reduces the chances of your vehicle breaking down in the middle of the road. With constant usage, some parts of your RV require more than just cleaning. See if your RV needs a complete brake inspection, a wheel balancer replacement, or other maintenance procedures.

Outdoor items

The main point of RV travel is to enjoy nature. To make your outdoor experience more welcoming, you should consider adding practical outdoor items. Experienced RV campers suggest that having comfortable patio furniture and durable ground cover will make a huge difference in terms of comfort and convenience.

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Bedsheets, Towels, and Other Linens

Apart from the exterior necessities and must-have, the interior preparation of your RV should not be neglected. This means that the household part of the RV should be operational and prepared well. Pack bedsheets, towels, and other things necessary for the duration of your RV trip.

Preparing the said materials should not be a hassle anymore with the vast array of selection available online and in your local department stores. Sets of linens and sheets are packaged explicitly for recreational vehicles to ensure comfortable living.

Kitchen Equipment

If you don’t want to risk your health with the good old diner foods along the road, you should also consider having proper kitchen equipment. Experienced RV travelers know that pots and pans as essential cookware during an RV trip. Plates and other utensils should also be considered when securing your dining experience on the road.

Proper Clothing

With fall and winter season just around the corner, you should stock up on warm, comfortable, and appropriate clothing. Bring enough socks and underwear. Eight to 10 pairs are good enough. Moreover, consider dressing in layers because it not only gives you more styling options but also reduces the number of items you need to store for colder weather.

Creating an RV travel checklist is as equally important as choosing your destination. This will not only make your adventure convenient, but it will also make your getaway safer than ever.

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