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Business Essentials When Starting a Mini Petting Zoo

If you have a love for animals, and you’ve always wanted to take care of them personally and in your own career, you may want to consider starting a mini petting zoo of your own. While the thought of creating your own mini petting zoo may seem out of reach, it is possible to do so while also turning a profit with the proper vision and business plan in place. When you are thinking of seriously investing in a petting zoo and want to do so without a hassle or numerous hiccups, you can get started by paying attention to the following business essentials, which will ensure your success every step of the way.

Have the Appropriate Transportation

Investing in a petting zoo requires more than the love and care for animals. You will also need to invest in proper gear, safety equipment, and transportation supplies, such as trailers, hitches, and attachments. If you need to buy trailer equipment or if you are in the market for new trailers altogether, you can begin your search at local dealerships and by browsing items that are for sale online.

Benefits of Browsing Online for Transportation

Investing in transportation solutions for animals is not always a cheap endeavor, especially if you choose to do so by buying brand-new trailers or hitches for each of your animals. When you choose to take your time in researching new transportation options and trailers online, you will have a much greater chance of landing a good deal or finding used equipment that is suitable for your needs. Browsing online for animal transportation solutions is also a way for you to become much more familiar with surrounding resources and sellers near you anytime you may be in need of transportation solutions for your zoo animals in the near future.

Get Safe and Running Water for the Animals

Owning and operating a petting zoo of your own will require consistent and ongoing care for each of the animals you have in your zoo. This will include investing in a well pump or even a water filtration system if you want to provide the animals in your care with the safest running water possible near you. If you are moving into a barn or venue area that currently does not have running water, you will want to work with a professional contractor or local commercial plumbing company near you before you begin allowing any animals to roam the property.

The Importance of Hiring Professional Plumbers

Anytime you are moving into a barn venue or commercial space without running water, you will want to consult with professional commercial plumbers to determine the best course of action to take based on your location and any potential pipes or plumbing that may exist in place beneath your structure. Professional commercial plumbers can walk you through the process of installing running water or even seeking a pump for a well you are interested in. When you consult with commercial plumbers, you can also gain valuable insight into operating a petting zoo based on the projected water consumption you are estimating for the number of animals you will be taking care of and hosting at any given time.

Protect Your Property!

When it comes to investing in a petting zoo, you will want to protect your property as best as possible from potential thieves and in some cases, even from natural disasters. If you are working in an area that is more susceptible to natural storms, disasters, and hurricanes, investing in hurricane garage doors or doors for your chosen barn is highly recommended. If you are moving into a large commercial space, whether it is a building or a barn, you may also want to think of investing in a commercial-grade security system.

Advantages of Investing in a Security System

Investing in a commercial-grade security system for your petting zoo is highly recommended, regardless of where your zoo is located and the type of animals you intend to care for and house at any given time. Because zoos can become targets of animal thieves and black market criminals, investing in a security system can deter them from making your petting zoo a potential target location. Security systems will also help you keep track of and monitor all areas of your petting zoo, both indoors and out.

Today’s security systems can be invested in based on all-inclusive systems or by shopping à la carte for the specific security equipment you are most interested in for your venue or barn. Using a modern security system will also provide you with motion detection sensors and alerts anytime an individual may be detected in or around your property, based on the setup you have in place. With a modern security system, you can also keep a close eye on your petting zoo even when you are at home with the use of your smartphone and live camera feeds.

Make Sure You’re Insured

Anytime you are thinking of starting a new business of your own, you will need to make sure you have proper insurance in place. Insuring your petting zoo is extremely important, especially if you intend to provide patrons with access to various pets you will be taking care of and housing. Insuring your own petting zoo is imperative to prevent legal liabilities and can be done by retaining the right legal team or lawyers to represent you.

The Importance of Insurance for Your Petting Zoo

Setting up a petting zoo is a way for you to share your passion for animals with the local community, but it is also not without potential legal liabilities. Insuring your petting zoo will protect you from potential accidents, injuries, or even bites that may occur when guests are spending time with any of your animals. When you are working with a team of lawyers, you can also ensure you have invested in the proper type of insurance before you choose to open your zoo’s doors to the public.

Map Out Your Property and Land

If you have chosen to go the route of investing in property, you will still want to take the time to map out the property and land before constructing any barns or working with a local fence company. Taking the time to map out your property and land will give you an overview of the space you have to work with and the areas you can put to use based on the type of structures, barns, and sheds you are interested in constructing for your new petting zoo. The more familiar you are with the land and area you have to work with, the easier it will be to ensure a smooth and enjoyable walkthrough experience for patrons once you’re ready to open for business.

Make the Landscaping Beautiful!

Beautifying the landscaping surrounding your petting zoo can mean the difference between failure and success, as first impressions can go a long way when establishing and building a name for your business. Whether you are interested in lawn fertilization or tree service, working with professional landscapers can help transform any lot or land you are working with for your own zoo. When you choose to hire professional landscapers and local gardeners, you can ensure the outcome will be exactly as you envisioned for the space you intend to use for your petting zoo.

Make It Ready for Patrons

Preparing your petting zoo for patrons is more than just tending to your animals and marketing the launch of your zoo itself. If you have a commercial space that has a parking lot attached to it, you may want to consider restriping parking lot services or even resurfacing your parking lot before opening your zoo to the public. While you may not think of your zoo’s parking lot as a top priority when you are getting started with your business venture, it can mean the difference between receiving a full house of guests or turning potential customers and patrons away.

The Importance of a Well-Maintained Parking Lot

In most cases, a parking lot is necessary for patrons to stop in and visit a local petting zoo, which is why it is important to maintain any parking lot you are taking care of before choosing to open your zoo to the public. If your zoo’s parking lot appears outdated, junky, and not well-maintained, new patrons may begin to second-guess their decision to pay to see the zoo animals you are maintaining. It may also be difficult to appeal to a much wider audience if your parking lot is filled with potholes and difficult to access without causing damage to the vehicles in the parking lot at the time.

Take Care of Your New Furry Friends

Establishing a positive and professional reputation as a zoo owner can be done by making it a point to take great care of all of your new furry friends. Brushing, bathing, and spending time with your zoo animals can help create lifelong bonds while establishing trust between you and your flock. From integrating pet hydrotherapy treatments to spending quality time with each one of your zoo animals, it is essential to take care of your furry friends to prevent anxiety and to keep them from feeling lonely as they adjust to their new home and way of life.

Find the Perfect Venue

When it comes to building a successful mini petting zoo, you will need to find the perfect location or venue to host and store your animals, especially if you intend to do so year-round or long-term. Finding the perfect venue for zoo animals is not as simple as choosing the nearest commercial warehouse or building that is currently for sale or for lease. One of the best venues to consider and keep in mind if there is one near you is a local barn venue, which is optimal for various types of barn animals.

Ways to Find the Perfect Venue for a Petting Zoo

Once you have decided to invest in your own petting zoo, you will need to take some time to create a list of the animals you intend to host and take care of while you are operating your petting zoo. This list will help when it comes time to seek out the perfect location and venue for your zoo. You can choose to work with a local realtor who specializes in outdoor and commercial venues, or you can opt to browse for the right venue for your petting zoo from home, online.

When you choose to search online for a petting zoo location, you can do so by zip code, price (and budget), and amenities that are most important to you. Keep in mind that you will likely require running water and working electricity if you intend to run a fully operational petting zoo for guests and members of your local community to stop in and pay for to enjoy. When you are taking the time to research individual barns and venues near you that may be suitable for a petting zoo, be sure to keep the total space and square footage in mind, as you will likely require additional areas for bedding, storage, and security.

What to Keep in Mind When Selecting a Venue for a Petting Zoo

Anytime you are thinking of investing in a petting zoo of your own you will likely want to take a bit of time to ensure the location is just right. The location of your petting zoo can determine how much traffic you receive, even during peak times of the year. Selecting a location that is attractive, receives a decent amount of traffic, and is relevant to the demographics you are trying to appeal to is essential for the best outcome possible.

When it comes to starting a mini petting zoo of your own, you will need to take the time to prepare yourself legally ahead of time. Understanding all elements involved in owning and operating a mini petting zoo while also protecting yourself legally is crucial in order to achieve the success you are looking for at any given time. The more immersed you become in the world of zoo operations, the easier it will be for you to start a mini petting location of your own.

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