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Bathroom Renovations: Which Additions and Modifications Increase the Resale Value of Your Home

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The most common home renovation involves improving the bathroom. This portion of the house is used multiple times a day, seven days a week. Naturally, homeowners want to make all the time they spend inside their bathrooms infinitely better.

After all, knowing that you will shower in a warm and cosy bathroom can motivate you to get up on time on a cold winter morning.

However, if you have plans to sell your house in the future, you may be curious if any additions or modifications you do will affect the entire property’s value. Will the expensive marble countertop be an advantage once the house goes on the market, or will it make people walk away? Find out below.

Countertops and Cabinets

bathroom counter and cabinets

Currently, the hottest trend when it comes to bathroom designs involve natural stone for a countertop. This type of material is durable and long-lasting which is an advantage for the next family that will move into the house. Natural stones, especially marble, also lends an elegant look.

More buyers are also looking for separate bathroom vanity units in addition to dual sinks. It creates additional space for the residents. It allows multiple people to brush their teeth, fix their hair, etc. when there are vanity units and dual sinks in a bathroom.

For the design, vanity units that resemble furniture are on-trend. Something that looks like a cabinet, with functional drawers, will go well with buyers once you finally decide to sell your house.

However, be warned. Although these features are surely attractive, they can be very expensive. A lot of money will be required to tear out an existing countertop or vanity unit and install new ones. Do not expect to get back the money you invested in the renovations.


Flooring, unsurprisingly, is an important factor when people want to buy a house. Depending on the quality and material, the future homeowner will have to make expensive repairs and replacements or not have to deal with it for a really long time.

Flooring can increase the resale value of a property as long as it is of high quality. In the bathroom, porcelain and ceramic tiles are your best options.

According to Realtor, the return of investment, or ROI, for ceramic tile is 70% on average. For porcelain tile, you may get back 55% of your money.

Both types of tiles are durable because, unlike other materials, they are not porous. They are resistant to water and, therefore, would not warp or crack when exposed to moisture regularly.

Porcelain, however, is more expensive than ceramic and requires the expertise of a professional to install which will drive the cost up.


The shower is one of the features that potential buyers will be looking at, and for a good reason. They will be using it every day.

A survey of real estate agents found that many home buyers are looking for a property that has an electric or power shower. This, along with well-sized bathroom fixtures, can increase the resale value of the house.

Electric showers, in particular, are popular because the water temperature is consistent throughout. The homeowner does not need to wait a few minutes before they step into the bathroom. Because the electric shower draws water over an in-built element, water comes out hot immediately.

Replacing a bathtub with a spacious walk-in shower is also currently a trend. Although a tub is still an important feature, it is only desirable if there is enough space for it and a walk-in shower in the bathroom. Bathtubs are not used as frequently as showers, so some homeowners would rather have a shower than a bathtub.

Bathroom renovations can be costly but, most of the time, it is worth it. You get to recoup your expenses when it is time to sell the house. However, not all additions may increase the property’s resale value. Do not be disappointed when you find out that your expensive additions would not cause a bidding war that will raise the house’s final price.

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