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Avoid These 5 Car Maintenance Mistakes at All Cost

car maintenance

Cars can last for decades when they’re properly maintained by the owner through a reliable car mechanic and maintenance shop that offers Nissan service in Auckland or anywhere in the world. Conversely, automobiles won’t last a few years if totally neglected by the owner.

Most of the time, car owners who are clueless about the tell-tale signs of car troubles are the ones who suffer the biggest headaches when their rides suddenly bog down due to poor maintenance. Given that cars are not exactly cheap to own, it’s only wise to ensure that they are properly and periodically maintained to make sure that they will always run smoothly.

Here are five car maintenance mistakes that you should avoid at all cost:

Delaying even the most basic maintenance

A lot of car owners put off or delay having basic, routine maintenance such as changing the oil and air filter since they believe that their car could run a few hundred kilometers more without having such. Unfortunately, they’re just stressing out the engine by doing so since the engine has to work double just to run. So, make sure that you religiously follow your car’s scheduled maintenance to ensure that the engine and other car components are working under optimum operating conditions.

Not minding the warning lights

A lot of vehicle owners see the check engine light or the brake fluid warning light turning on but dismissing such warnings nonetheless. Do not be like those car owners. These indicators are placed in your car for a reason, which is to tell you that something is wrong with your vehicle. And when something is wrong, you must have it immediately checked by a competent mechanic and not just ignore it. Unless, of course, you want to spend on costly repairs or figure in an accident in the future.

Having a shady mechanic service the car

While we all want to save big on our car’s maintenance, there are times when scrimping can do us more harm than good. Some car owners are willing to risk the integrity of their car by taking it to a mechanic with little or no track record just because the mechanic is charging the cheapest.

Have you ever heard of the phrase: “you get what you pay for?” So, be sure to find the perfect balance between what the mechanic charges and what quality of work he or she can provide. You can search for online reviews or ask friends for referrals to find the right shop to take your car for routine maintenance.

car maintence

Neglecting braking system maintenance

So, your car can go really, really fast. But, how do you put to it a full stop? You use the brakes, of course. But what if you neglect the periodic maintenance of your car’s braking system, like changing the pads? It’s essentially an accident waiting to happen.

You may find it a no-brainer to do but there are actually so many car owners who neglect their vehicle’s braking system that they do figure in some close calls due to faulty brakes. Don’t commit such a terrible blunder and have your car’s brakes regularly serviced by your trusted mechanic.

Neglecting the tires

Your tires should always be rotated periodically and be checked for correct tire pressure for them to last long. Having proper pressure on tires and rotating them from time to time also prevents stress on the suspension parts and helps minimise cabin vibration.

Owning a car is a big responsibility. Help your ride perform better and last longer by avoiding these common maintenance pitfalls.

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