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A Simple Guide to Calculating ROI on Digital Marketing

Calculating the return on investment (ROI) for digital marketing efforts is essential for assessing the effectiveness and profitability of marketing campaigns. Digital marketing is a relatively new form of marketing. Calculating the ROI is essential to track which campaigns are more successful. The YouTube video explains how to calculate your company’s marketing ROI.

Understanding ROI Calculation


To compute ROI, deduct the expenses of the digital marketing campaign from the generated revenue, divide it by the campaign’s cost, and¬†multiply the result by 100 to obtain the ROI percentage. When assessing ROI, account for all expenses linked to the digital marketing campaign, including advertising expenditures, agency charges, software subscriptions, and employee salaries.

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Furthermore, monitor the revenue directly generated from the campaign, such as online sales, leads acquired, or conversions, to evaluate the campaign’s influence on business results. A positive ROI demonstrates that the digital marketing campaign yielded more revenue than its expenses, indicating a lucrative investment. Conversely, a negative ROI indicates that the campaign failed to generate sufficient revenue to offset its costs, signaling a need for adjustments to enhance campaign effectiveness.


Regularly monitor and analyze ROI on digital marketing to identify trends. It can help you to optimize your marketing strategies and maximize the return on investment from digital marketing efforts. Understanding how to calculate your ROI is the first step in your journey.

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