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A Place of Comfort: Modern Amenities of the Bathroom


Clogged and damaged sewer can cause a lot of problems, especially complicated ones. Thus, it is best to hire professional sewer line repair services in Salt Lake City, Utah. The sewerage system should be in top condition as this is instrumental when it comes to sanitation. It contains much more than a complex network of pipes and drains. It is important that everyone take their part in its maintenance. A clogged pipe in a house can affect others nearby.

Your wastewater goes through the sewers, but all of that starts at home. So how comfortable are your bathrooms? You should know that there are modern conveniences that have reached them. Some of you might be familiar with them but probably haven’t thought much about using them. There are implementations that make going to the bathroom a much better experience. Let’s take a look.

Proximity Sensors

These usually use infrared technology. What happens here is when the IR light gets blocked, it acts as a switch to something. When you approach the urinal or toilet bowl, your body will block the IR ray and activate the flush. It may not be responsive sometimes that is why a button is placed next to the sensor as a fail-safe device. This implementation is mostly seen in bathrooms in public places like malls or hotels. You can also see them installed in faucets and hand dryers.

The main purpose of a proximity sensor is to minimize hand contact. A bathroom is a place where people let out their body wastes, so good hygiene should be observed to avoid contacting diseases. After relieving yourself, you go straight to the faucet which is also activated by a sensor. Then, you go to the hand dryer. When you reach for a paper towel to pat your hands dry, that will be the last thing you touch before you leave the bathroom. This also has practical applications for those who have mobility problems.

It’s amazing that something that you use in remote controls has a bigger purpose in the bathroom.


Seat Warmers

If you live in an area where the climate is cold, sitting on a cold toilet seat could be one shocking experience. You will eventually warm up to it, but it can affect your level of comfort. Good thing that you can install a seat warmer on your toilet bowl. This houses your typical heating coil, the same one you can find in flat irons. A power outlet would be needed, so you may need to do some adjusting if you don’t have electric plugs in your bathroom. Once you have it set up, your bottom will thank you.


There are many types of bidets ranging from mounted to hand-held ones. It’s a matter of preference, as there are people who want to clean themselves with a splash of water. There are modern takes on the bidet. There are some that are electronically activated via buttons or switches in locations where the hands can reach them easily. And there are motorized ones that can move the nozzle in different directions to get the cleaning done on all angles.

These are features that add another layer of comfort to your bathrooms. It is a place of relief and privacy, and having these make will make your trips here extra special.

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