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Pimp My Ride: 2021 Trends in Car Personalization


Until roughly a decade ago, car personalization was limited to in-vehicle gadgets, custom wheels, eye-catching decals, and specific paint treatments. These aftermarket goods and services provided a customized appearance that said something about the owner beyond the vehicle. The interior choices included custom steering wheel coverings, pedals, and decorations in various designs and colors.

However, customizing options for infotainment and electronic displays were limited. Thus, aftermarket audio gear and primary radio station preset fell short in customization. Let’s dive into some trends.

Enhanced Suspension

A custom suspension system is completely legal as long as you keep within your state’s specifications for ride height changes. In addition, a high-performance aftermarket suspension may be a fantastic method to boost your vehicle’s performance. When done correctly, your car will drive considerably more smoothly, and you (or a competent shop of the kind used by auto enthusiasts) may even adjust the suspension to improve how you go.

Your vehicle’s suspension must be in excellent shape. Worn suspension components may decrease vehicle stability, driver control and hasten deterioration on other suspension components. A decent suspension system is likely worth the cost, even if you don’t race your vehicle.

Revamped Seats

Whether you’re a rookie racer or want to appear like one, the change to the seats is one of the most common vehicle modifications. To make your sport seats appear suitable, you should select seats that provide you more comfort and support than those that came with your vehicle. While sport seats may assist in enhancing your driving posture, they’re not essential. Because race seats are intended to be used with race harnesses, which are not acceptable as a substitute to a car’s standard seatbelt, many makers of race seats warn their customers that they are not appropriate for street usage.

car latest interior

While it is illegal to utilize sport seats in street usage, certain manufacturers, such as Recaro, offer seat systems acceptable for street use. When buying your factory seatbelt, make sure that you can use it in your vehicle and that installation won’t render any of your car’s airbags inoperable.

Premium Tint

Highly stringent regulations in certain jurisdictions govern window tinting. If a motorist wants to tint their front or side windows in Illinois, they must prove a medical condition to the police officer. In addition, several other states have regulations in place prohibiting the use of tint that is either reflective or makes it difficult to see inside the vehicle.

Those who genuinely desire tinted windows, on the other hand, will be able to get away with at least some tint in most states. To determine how much light can still travel through the windows, tint is measured in percentages. Conditions that do not explicitly prohibit tint will typically define a range of acceptable rates for the material. But other than that, it’s great to have good window tinting services.

Unique Paint Jobs

It’s possible to consider a repulsive paint job offensive against good taste, but it is not a violation of the law. For the most part, you may paint your automobile whatever you like or achieve a similar appearance by applying a vinyl wrap. If you attempt to mimic an emergency vehicle or a police car, though, it won’t seem like you were trying to imitate anything.

Bear in mind that there are a few things to keep in mind when you refinish your vehicle. When you go to a professional for repainting your car, it’s more costly and takes up more time. Check with your local pollution laws to ensure you won’t get fined for paint and chemical emissions if you decide to paint your vehicle at home.


Increasing the output of your vehicle by adding a turbocharger or supercharger is a standard performance upgrade. When you use one of these devices, it increases the amount of air your engine can hold, which increases power. As long as they don’t cause your vehicle to fail the state’s emissions or safety inspection, turbochargers and superchargers are entirely legal. When it comes to automobile emission regulations, California is the most authoritarian state. You will be okay even if you live in California, as long as you do not change your emissions system and meet the state smog check requirements.

But you don’t have to be just aesthetic to use bespoke automobile aftermarket solutions. It is also appealing to performance enthusiasts; therefore, there are numerous choices. Whatever your skill level, there are many methods to get started and conclude with a great completed project. There are a lot of components to deal with since cars are so sensitive. As more is discovered, customizing may become a highly complicated pastime.

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