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10 Popular Industries to Consider Starting Your Career In

There comes a point early in your working life where you decide to find a career. For most careers, you’ll need some training at a school or college. After schooling, some professions require licensing. Here is information about ten industries that might help you discover a job that’s perfect for you:

1. Locksmith

Locksmiths make keys, perform lock repairs, and work with different lock systems. If you enjoy mechanical things and want to help people ensure their safety, becoming a locksmith may be the right job for you. To qualify as a locksmith, you must undergo training and get a license. In addition, to be a locksmith, you need a clean criminal background.

The amount of training required for locksmithing varies by state. To find the training requirements in your state, you can contact a professional locksmith association, like the Associated Locksmiths of America. Training will help you learn to work with residential locks and to provide car lockout services. After you get a job, you should work with an experienced locksmith to gain skills and expertise.

An automotive locksmith has additional challenges today that have only existed for 20 years. Some cars have had computerized keys since the late 1990s, and locksmiths must learn how to reprogram computerized transponder keys. The locksmithing industry is one of the popular industries that provides future opportunities for those working there. The US average salary for a locksmith is $ 40K – $63K.

2. Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the most popular industries because it offers many good-paying jobs. Many become doctors, requiring college, medical school, and an internship. After completing their service as an intern, they would then work in a specialty – such as being an ophthalmologist ( eye doctor).

Because of the extent to which a person must trust a doctor, doctors must thoroughly learn about the human body. Specialties and subspecialties will require even more specialized knowledge. For example, a psychiatrist could analyze a mental health counseling center or work with addicts at an inpatient rehab service.

Doctors help people with a full range of medical problems, from extensive surgery for cancer – to scar revisions after those surgeries. Paths of training and education will vary according to their specialty’s requirements. In addition to the reward of helping others, the national average for an ophthalmologist’s salary is $220k to $410k. The national average for a psychiatrist’s salary is between $200k and $390k, while a dermatologist’s average salary is $280k -$300k.

3. Web Design

Many people learn to use computers during elementary and high school, so it may not be surprising that web design is one of the popular industries where people can do a job they’ll enjoy. Web designers are responsible for designing, creating, and coding internet websites. Web design can be done as part of the staff for a business or as a freelancer working for companies on your own.

After a web designer presents a finished project to a client, they may also offer to keep track of web traffic. They could also offer to update the site regularly and keep track of new trends to include in future websites. Web design is part of the Information Technology industry – another of the most popular industries in today’s business arena. Because almost every profitable business has a web presence, prospects for this job will continue to increase.

When hiring a worker to do web design, an employer typically looks for someone with a degree in digital media or graphic design. Once web designers graduate, they should get a job with an agency can gain experience and build a portfolio. They might start with an easy task like creating condo websites. The US national average for a web designer’s salary is approximately $64,310.

4. Dog Breeding

You might become a dog breeder if you love animals and enjoy caring for them. Working with dogs is often a choice for those accustomed to having a dog. Dog breeders raise many dogs of one specific breed and then mate the dogs to produce puppies with desired characteristics. Dog breeding is a popular industry because of the popularity of dogs.

Dog breeding is helpful for owners of show dogs who want dogs that best reflect the breed’s characteristics. It can also benefit dog racers, who want puppies developed with racing characteristics in mind. The daily responsibilities of dog breeders include feeding, grooming, and caring for their dogs. When the puppies are grown and weaned, they can be sold to those seeking a puppy for sale.

To become a breeder, you need enough space to house the dogs you want to care for. You’ll need to apply for a license for your kennel and register your chosen breed with the Kennel Club. Establish a relationship with a local veterinarian to ensure the dogs will stay healthy, and then advertise the availability of your dogs. The US national average salary for a dog breeder is $39,162.

5. Physical Therapy

Physical therapists work with people who have mobility problems. The clients’ problems may be congenital or the result of an injury or disease. A physical therapist will typically work in a physical therapists office, at a hospital or nursing home, or might come to your home to provide services. When a client comes to see a physical therapist, the therapist will first examine and compile a history to create a plan for their therapy.

Physical therapists provide exercise, stretching, massage, and heat and cold applications. According to the doctors’ orders, clients will have one or more weekly physical therapist appointments. At the end of the visit, the client will typically be given a list of the exercises to do at home to hasten their recovery. Physical therapy is one of the popular industries because it helps people regain their independence.

To become a physical therapist, you must complete a bachelor’s degree. There is no specifically required degree, but it should be a healthcare-related degree like health science or exercise science. After that, they obtain their doctorate in Physical Therapy before becoming licensed. The national average salary for physical therapists is between $91 106 and $106 501.

6. Paralegal

Paralegals assist lawyers and other members of a legal team. These workers need a thorough knowledge of their state’s and nation’s laws. Their jobs include researching legal statutes when a lawyer has a case and organizing the paperwork for a lawyer’s upcoming trials. Paralegals are a vital part of the law industry, one of the popular industries for people seeking a job that helps people.

Paralegals need good writing skills and the ability to edit others’ documents. Handwriting only comes in handy when drafting documents or editing, because paralegals must also be technically literate. They will especially need good web searching skills. Paralegals are part of the law industry, which is one of the popular industries because workers in that field are always needed.

To become a paralegal, you will need a bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies; although some states require only an associate degree. After you graduate from college, you’ll need a year’s experience in the field, working under the supervision of an experienced physical therapist. After that year, you can take the exam to get your certification. The national average salary for a paralegal is between $45, 390 and $72, 750.

7. Marketing

A marketer is responsible for helping a company or organization gain publicity. Most marketing tasks take place online, so you must know about technology. You must also understand the company’s mission and the products you’re marketing. The methods of marketing change along with technology, so you’ll need to keep up with the newest trends in technology.

The marketing staff will work with the sales force and the web designer (if the company has one) to create and maintain the company’s web presence. A marketer will seek to increase a company’s name recognition. In addition to the company’s website, the marketer will want to create a Facebook page, including interactive features for prospective customers. Marketing is one of the popular industries because of its ever-changing nature and its creative uses of technology.

Many marketers use a strategy called SEO. SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization.’ To become a marketer, most companies prefer to hire someone with a bachelor’s degree. Many marketers get their degree in business or communications. The national average salary for marketers is $ 47,947.

8. Pharmacy Technician

A pharmacy technician works in a pharmacy or drug compounding facility to assist pharmacists in preparing client orders. A pharmacy technician can enter the client’s name and drug information into the computer and print it on a pharmacy label. They can also count medications to place them in a medication bottle for clients. The pharmacy technician will also answer the phone in a drug store, help customers, and restock the pharmacy shelves.

Pharmacy technicians can also perform medication inventories and verify clients’ insurance information. The pharmacy industry is one of the country’s popular industries due to frequent medication advances that help people. Pharmacy technicians must work under the supervision of a pharmacist. The current national average salary for pharmacy technicians is $32,700. 10

To become a pharmacy technician, you must attend a certificate program that typically takes a year. You will then need to work for a year to gain experience. To become certified, you must pass an examination. The type of certification you need will depend on the company you work for and on your state.

9. Banking

Working in the banking industry can include many types of jobs. If you’re interested in finances and are detail-oriented, you might be interested in a career in the banking industry. You might want an entry-level bank teller, customer service worker, or security guard position. The banking industry is one of the country’s popular industries because money fascinates many people.

Mid-level banking jobs include personal banker, underwriter, loan officer, and fraud analyst. People with courteous personalities and professional appearances can begin working in the banking industry in one of the entry-level positions. You don’t typically need a college degree to be a teller, but the job of a teller may be able to support you as you complete your bachelor’s degree in finance.

With a bachelor’s degree, you could be hired for a mid-level job in a bank. Other jobs related to the banking industry are tax preparation, mortgage broker, and investment broker. All those jobs require a course and on-the-job training. A bank manager’s current national average salary is approximately $54,400 per month.

10. Hospitality

The hospitality industry includes facilities (such as hotels) and attractions (such as amusement parks) made to accommodate people who want to have a good time. Businesses also use hotels for their conferences or to house guest lecturers. There is also a growing trend of residential hotels, where people live in hotel rooms complete with a kitchen in their hotel room and other home-like amenities on site. The industry also includes restaurants of all types; including fast food restaurants.

Just like banking, there are plenty of entry-level positions in the hospitality industry. You could be a motel maid, a desk clerk, a ticket taker, a food service worker in a fast-food restaurant, dress up in a character costume at a theme park, or drive shuttle buses throughout the parking lot. Hotels have several mid-level positions, such as event planner, catering manager, or assistant manager of a hotel.

If you’re interested in travel or want to enjoy the work at a local theme park, it may be easy for you to find a job. There are countless entry-level jobs, and they are often promoted from within. To get a mid-level job in hotel management, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management. The current national salary for a hotel manager is $59,430.

Any of the jobs listed above would be a good place to start a career. If you don’t see one that interests you, think about what you love the most and then find someone who does that job. Ask them how they prepared for their job, and, if it’s your dream, you should go for it. A career is something you should love, so let’s hope you find that career soon.

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